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Christmas Decorations

Christmas and COVID

Christmas can be a difficult time for some even in more normal times. During the current situation Chrismas has the potential to compound underlying feelings of isolation, fear and lonliness. There are, however, practical things you can do to look after yourself over Christmas:-

  • Be honest with yourself and how you feel. Its ok to not be completely full of festive cheer.

  • Be honest with others, if you'd like a phonecall or video call from a friend or family member then say so.

  • If you can't meet up with anyone and its safe for you to go out think about volunteering.

  • Get out and about in the day. Fresh air does wonders for a low mood. Collect items along the way and create a festive wreath or decoration when you get back.

  • Look for positives - if you don't like turkey, take the opportunity to have something you like, do things you wouldn't normally be able to do.

  • Plan the day, don't just let it drift by - give yourself small goals.

Cycle of Anxiety (1).png

Anxiety - Whats Going on!

Many people suffer from feelings of anxiety which can range from extremely mild to totally debilitating. If someone expriences what they believe to be a threat to themselves then their first reation is to avoid the threat - which is completely understandable. This avoidance brings relief and a feeling of calm. However this relief is temporary and the feelings of anxiety gradually increase again unitl there is another perceived threat.
Please contact me if you'd like to know more about anxiety and how to reverse the cycle.

Digital Mind

Recognising Good Mental Health

Having positive mental health does not necessarily refer to not experiencing anxiety or depression (amongst others) but can mean recognising the signs good mental health. As our mental health can infuence the way we feel and how we behave it is important to recognise when we are doing well and when we are not doing quite so well.

Signs of good mental health can be:-

The ability to laugh and have fun - an energy for life and living

Having a balance between all areas of daily life

Having the ability and willingness to take on new tasks or learn new skills

To maintain meaningful relationships

To have belief in yourself and your ability


There will be times when life circumstances test our mental health and our resiliance. Anyone can suffer mental health or emotional problems and thats okay, whats less ok is to ignore the warning signs of decreasing positive mental health such as withdrawing, self-medicating or self-destructive behaviours because if we do we begin to think 'its just the way I am' and therefore settle for something less than we deserve.

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