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Get To Know Me

I understand how many life events can cause increased levels of stress and anxiety. How sometimes relationships can come under extra strain and, from personal experience, how living with chronic illness can be exhausting, isolating, frustrating and sometimes overwhelming. I can offer you the time to explore how these emotions impact you on a daily basis.


My Personal Philosophy

I believe the most important part of the counselling process is the relationship between the counsellor and the client. Positive change can only occur when the person feels empathy and acceptance in a trusting, non-judgemental environment.

People are consciously able to determine their own behaviour and are driven by a need for self-fulfillment. Difficulties in our daily lives can hinder this ability. I am able to help people to become aware of any barriers they may have to their need for self-fulfilment by understanding the world from their point of view, offering a safe and trusting environment and challenging where necessary. I believe that this will help people to explore previously unrecognised emotions which can allow the person to experience true change.

With this in mind I believe that the counselling relationship is collaborative, that both the counsellor and the client can work together to identify and monitor goals towards a successful end.

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