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"I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you so much for all your amazing advice and patience. You really have changed my life and improved my health and wellbeing.........I am forever grateful" previous client

"I have not acted out. I am a better person. I feel much better in myself. To get me from the place I was at the start where I had thought I had lost the plot to where I am now is incredible and shocking to be honest. I would go as far to say Marie saved my sanity, if not my life." previous client

"Marie is brilliant I will miss her. She is the one person I felt relaxed with. She is an amazing young lady, shows understanding and encouraged me not to feel bad about myself" previous client

"Thank you for allowing me the time and space to look after myself and to make a positive future" previous client


"The pep talks were really important for me. When I go into a downward spiral of negative, irrational thought I find it next to impossible to manage it. Having Marie to be the voice of reason and explain my thoughts....gave me a clear head to think about things properly. previous client

"Marie was amazing - she always made me feel comfortable and gave me small challenges along the way to complete and aim towards." previous client


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